Asset Management


Asset management follows the rig throughout its life cycle. Today, with the power of digital technologies, asset management has become easier, safer, and more efficient. Always connected rigs allow us to monitor equipment conditions and operational efficiencies and organize effective interventions to reduce NPT and prolong the rig life cycle.


ProRig is a cloud-based platform that works as a data management system. It allows clients and Drillmec support personnel to monitor in real-time rig and equipment data. It uses IoT protocols to gather sensor data from drilling rigs, store them in secure databases and analyze them using Machine learning. 

Kick Mitigation System

A system to assist the operator in kick detection, space out and preparation for well shut in. The system implements dynamic well monitoring to reduce the risk of false alarms. This provides the driller with an assistant for drilling and tripping operations. The package can be adapted to any type of rigs or BOP stacks without requiring additional hardware.

POP - Pump Overpressure Preventer

The Mud Pumps are equipped with a single mechanical barrier (Relief valve) which diverts the flow to discharge in case the working pressure exceeds the calibration. The Pump Overpressure Preventer works as a second barrier that can improve the management of any circuit overpressures. It is a software barrier that intervenes upon reaching a pressure threshold defined by the user with the aim of avoiding shock to the well and to the equipment.​