The Drillmec Spare Parts is a full service for providing required items from the client and suggesting main recommended parts for rig equipment in order to perform scheduled, corrective and preventive maintenance.

Through a skilled and expert Team all the requests from the clients are handled in 24h - 48h maximum and strategic spares (both critical and capital) are suggested in order to prevent rig operation from NPT (Non-Productive Time).

Main Features

• Customer personal account for online spare parts service.
• Lists of spare parts and consumables for critical assets, provided by DRILLMEC.
• Distribution of large-scale regional centres.
• Delivery of materials in appropriate packaging, in accordance with international standards


Thanks to the distribution of large-scale regional centres, delivery of material is optimized and faster in order to ensure to the clients best assistance and service.

Online Service

Work in progress to create a interactive platform for all the Customers with dedicated personal account for online spare parts service.

Thanks to 3D model each Customer can select the item needed directly from the platform and send inquiry in real time to DRILLMEC Spare Parts Department for immediate assistance.

Once ready and fully operative, DRILLMEC is planning to connect the Spare Parts platform directly to ERP in order to show to the client the availability of material giving the possibility to proceed with Purchase Order in real time.