Business Segments

Drillmec, a global contractor in the design and construction of drilling and work over rigs for the Oil & Gas, is moving forward on energy transition through the development of renewables and clean energy.



Drillmec manufactures and designs drilling rigs and equipment mainly for the upstream oil and gas segment which is also known as the exploration and production (E&P) sector because it encompasses activities related to searching for, recovering and producing crude oil and natural gas.
The upstream industry is arguably the most complex of all the oil and gas business sectors. It is highly capital-intensive, highly risky, and highly regulated.  Upstream investments are high-risk, given that results of every well drilled are unpredictable. Additional risk arises from safety and environmental issues.
Technology drives all aspects of the upstream industry and that's the reason why Drillmec engineers cutting edge and responsible solutions to the oil and gas industry enabling to maximize drilling performance through its ability to overcome complexities by integrating and adapting.


Geothermal power is a stable and independent power generation system, which uses warm vitality of the earth's magma to produce power. It utilize the steam that is produced from hot water found below the earth's surface.
Drillmec offers a complete range of drilling rigs that can be used for exploration and production in various geothermal applications and “Fit for Purpose” solutions from shallow to deep wells, to repurposing of existing oil and gas wells.


Today’s hydrogen production is mostly based on natural gas and coal, which together account for 95% of production. Electrolysis produces around 5% of global hydrogen, as a by-product from chlorine production. 
Drillmec's aim is to become technology leader in cost-effective carbon neutral hydrogen solutions.   
These are our Energy Transition Initiatives:
• Renewable Green Hydrogen relying on PEM Electrolysis made in Italy.
• Ultra Clean Hydrogen generated through Pyrolysis, a well known process which uses heat to split the methane molecule into hydrogen and solid carbon.
• Blue Vector: the first Multi fuel station in the world with on-site methane to hydrogen production.
• Carbon Capturing and Storage.