Modular Drilling Packages


Modular drilling rigs are the solution to the bottleneck around deploying and installing drilling units on offshore platforms. The safety hazards and the costs of deploying barge cranes are often a challenge for companies around the world. Providing cost-effective solutions, improved safety, high performance, using innovative, and advanced technologies is always at the core of our business. As such, we have modular offshore solutions that mitigate and simplify heavy offshore platform lifting and installations. With our modular solutions, we offer complete offshore packages that can accommodate your offshore platform.

At Drillmec, we are at the forefront of providing ways to improve safety and reduce the cost of installation of offshore drilling packages. We provide modular solutions for the installation of offshore platforms, from single units to a complete rig package. Also, we support the installation of offshore structures such as heavy lift modules, and self-erecting structures designed for platform cranes use.



We design and manufacture lightweight offshore installation packages such as bootstrap masts, derrick, and many others. We give particular care during the design phase, ensuring a marginal reduction in weight while maintaining the best quality.


We design our modular offshore packages to be self-erecting removing the need for barge cranes or other heavy lifting equipment.


With reduced external heavy lifting equipment, safety is guaranteed around the platform.


As always, we offer cost-effective solutions that add value to our customers.


Purchasing a Drillmec product entails choosing a brand that will be by your side throughout the life cycle of the rig package or drilling equipment provided.

Our modular offshore solutions become more important in situations where barge cranes or traditional heavy lifting becomes cost-intensive or not readily available to lift these drilling units. We developed our self-erecting offshore modules platform drilling rigs to help with the heavy lifting of offshore drilling units. Our modular drilling rigs solution is devoid of derrick barge cranes which simplifies the process.

Our modular offshore rigs are built-in modules that allow easy installation using drilling rig operational cranes with little support of the temporary cranes. This feature saves costs of deploying barge cranes and improves safety with the reduction of external lifting. Additionally, our offshore module platforms are lightweight, which reduces the overall weight load on the platform deck.