Batch Drilling Rig Package

Drillmec designed an innovative, flexible and efficient cluster drilling rig package to provide a top solution for optimal batching operations on multiple lines bringing several advantages.

Striker-800® is the first off–the-shelf design for the ultimate shale drilling rig package in a space efficient and simple layout. It maximizes safety while reducing rig-up and moving time and improving cluster and batch drilling per­formance with efficiency and reliability.
Among the key features the Side Cellar configuration with clearance to walk on wellheads and the patented One-Shot Hydraulic Safe-Lift raising of mast make the Striker-800® unique.



Integrated service loop to reduce interference with rig floor equipment and racked tubulars. Safer and more efficient operations during “slip & cut” through conveniently located drill line spooler and drawworks local controls. Integrated rig floor manifold/choke manifold for enhanced and safer well control operations. Open bottom 24’ – 0” mast leg spread allowing a large working area on drill floor. Smart power management system with LER configuration improving efficiency and reliability.


Rig module built-in well control package does not require disassembly and reassembly during walking reducing release to spud time. 
Ultimate multidirectional rig moving system for safe, fast and efficient multi-well pad drilling, eliminating rig-up and rig-down. Substructure is set for two different walking system configurations, allowing a greater versatility of the rig on different cluster configurations (X and Y spacing). Power catwalk is independent from its base frame and remains installed to the substructure while walking between wells. This means reduction of time during walking and elimination of crane use.


Heavier components are installed on the ground, requiring smaller cranes. One shot Hydraulic Safe-Lift raising design for mast and setback, installation on ground level, increases safety while reducing cranes use and rig-up time. Top Drive, guide rack and service loop are fixed and installed inside the lower mast section. No need for separate rig-up and rig-down, reducing number of loads and rig-up time. Strung up traveling block with integrated crown block in mast upper section.


Two load section mast. Self-opening racking board. Drawworks at ground level (no raising required). Drill floor and setback installed on ground with BOP trolley beams, rotary tables, winches and iron roughneck (integrated in setback design).
Modular integrated design for third party service providers (cement, mud and waste management). Walking system integrated into substructure base frames.




Cantilever type, Hydraulic Safe-Lift. Straight legs 800,000 lbs. Static Hook Load on 12 lines. 137 ft Clear Height, 1,3/8" drill line. Two hydraulic cylinders for raising.


Hydraulic Safe-Lift type, Side-Cellar. 800,000 lbs rotary capacity. 600,000 lbs setback capacity. 32 ft drill floor height. Raised simultaneously with the mast.


1,500 hp continuous duty power. Single speed planetary gear box. Multidisc emergency/parking brake. One 1,500 hp AC traction motor.

Top Drive

1,000,000 lbs load rating. 51,400 ft*lbs max continuous torque. 265 rpm max speed.

Traveling Block

Split type. 1,000,000 lbs load rating. Six sheaves grooved for 1.3/8" drill line.

Power Tong

4.1/8"-8.1/2" OD range. 60,000 ft-lbs max make-up torque. 80,000 ft-lbs max break-out torque.

Drill Floor Equipment

One hydraulic cathead. Two 10,000 lbs utility winches. Automated power slip. Hydraulic elevator. Man rider.

BOP Handling System

50 ton rated lifting capacity. Two beams with air operated trolley hoist. Two test stumps integrated in substructure.

Mud Pumps

Two 7,500 psi, 1,600 hp rated. One 1,500 hp AC traction motor each.

Mud System

1,500 bbl Three tanks. Treatment tank and trip tank on substructure. Three shale shakers, One degasser, One desilter, Two mud mixing hopper, One mud gas separator. Centrifugal pumps and low profile agitators prearranged for expansion & closed loop treatment.

Rotary Table


Racking Capacity

26,000 ft of 5" drill pipe + BHA


Range 2 and 3 tubulars. 20" maximum tubular diameter. 10,000 lbs maximum lifting capacity.

Power System

Three generators. Smart power management with LER house.


One 500 bbl water tank. One 400 bbl fuel tank with fuel filtration system. One cold start compressor. Two 60 hp rotary screw compressors. One desiccant air dryer. One HPU. Data Acquisition System.

Choke Manifold

3.1/16" 10,000 psi. Drill floor mounted.

BOP Equipment

One 13.5/8" x 5,000 psi Annular. One 13.5/8" x 10,000 psi Single. One 13.5/8" x 10,000 psi Double.


One Seven station


Mast dollies. Cable management system extension. Third mud pump. 2,200 hp mud pumps. Fourth genset. Tier 4 genset. One emergency genset. Dual fuel dynamic gas blending system. 1,750 hp rated 3512C genset. 65,300 ft-lbs max continuous torque Top Drive. 100,000 ft-lbs max break-out torque Iron Roughneck. Closed loop mud system units. Winterization. Rotating mouse hole. CCTV system. Communication system. Fire and Gas detection system.