Drillmec SpA Quality System and HSE System are key tools in achieving its business goals.

In accordance with its general aims and strategies for growth, Management promotes:
•    The central role of the customer 
•    Full involvement of all personnel to ensure complete awareness of the significance and importance of their work and how they can contribute to achieving quality goals, environmental protection, health and safety of workers. 
•    Continuous improvement in the quality of products and services, especially through a strong drive toward technological innovation 
•    Continuous improvement in process performance 
•    Safeguarding the environment and the protection of workers’ health and safety; such commitment also involves all subcontractors and suppliers.
Drillmec SpA is therefore committed to:
•    Acting in full compliance with national and international regulations and legislation applicable to the sector in which the company works as well as in full compliance with national legislation related to health, safety and environmental protection.
•    Preventing any occurrence of pollution and environmental damage. 
•    Preventing injury or disease caused by operating conditions. 
•    Pursuing continuous improvement of results through the implementation of current API Q1, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Management System Standards and requirements in compliance with the API Product Specifications when applicable.
•    Improving customer satisfaction with periodic checks, questionnaires and the analysis of complaints received in order to translate the results obtained into goals for improving various processes. 
•    Keeping the quality of products and services and environmental, health and safety parameters under control through systematic monitoring and measurement.
•    Promoting education and training at all relevant personnel levels in the organisation. 
•    Measuring the performance of the Quality Management System and HSE Management System through data analysis and information returned by the company’s feedback system. 
•    Targets of the Quality Management System and HSE System are periodically planned and verified during Management Review.

Compliance with this Policy is primarily the responsibility of Management, which is committed to promoting understanding and diffusion of the Policy among all company personnel, in the firm conviction that achievement of these goals is possible only if they are shared at all staff levels.
Management is likewise committed to reviewing and re-examining this Policy annually and, updating it if necessary, during the Management Review process.

Gariga di Podenzano - Piacenza- Italy, 27 April, 2022