In Drillmec quality department aims to improve the quality of processes and products, control environmental impact to promote sustainability and ensure the health and safety of workers.





At Drillmec, we always view continuous improvement of company processes and complete customer satisfaction as essential factors for standing out in the highly complex and competitive oil and gas market as preferred supplier of integrated and customized solutions at the most competitive costing concept.



Drillmec Quality Management System (QMS) is API Q1, ISO 9001 certified by American Petroleum Institute (API) and ISO 9001 certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). Drillmec is also well aware of all European Directives applicable to its products and is experienced inInternational and Russian standards alike is able to reconcile the two systems in the most comprehensive way.

The Quality Department is a key point of our success in the world of high technology manufacturing. Drillmec personnel is experienced and continuously trained to carry out a wide range of quality control activities, such as Dimensional Checks, Hardness, Testing, Welding Visual Inspection, Non Destructive Examinations, Painting Testing.




DRILLMEC SPA (Italy): API Q1 9 Ed, API 4F, API 6A, API 7-1, API 7K, API 8C, ISO 9001:2015


DRILLMEC Pvt Ltd (INDIA): API Q1 9 Ed, ISO 9001:2015, API 4F, API 8C

Seismotekhnika (JV, Belarus): API Q1 9 Ed, ISO 9001:2015, API 4F

Drillmec can also work according to NORSOK, ABS, RMRS and DNV Off-Shore, if required by the Client