Quality Management System

Drillmec Quality Management System (QMS) is API Q1, ISO 9001 certified by American Petroleum Institute (API) and ISO 9001 certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). Drillmec is also well aware of all European Directives applicable to its products and is experienced in International and Russian standards alike is able to reconcile the two systems in the most comprehensive way. Drillmec is authorized to use the official API monogram on products according to the following licenses:

4F-0477 (Derricks - Masts - Crown Block Assemblies - Substructures - PSL 1, PSL 2)
6A-2259 (Blind and Test Flanges - Tees and Crosses - PSL 1, PSL 2, PSL 3)
7K-0557 (Rotary Tables - Piston Mud Pump Components - Drawworks Components - BOP Handling Systems)
7-1-1600 (Drill Stem Subs - Threading for Rotary Shouldered Connections)
8C-0345 (Hoisting Sheaves - Traveling Blocks and Hook Blocks - Drilling Hooks - Power Swivels - Guide Dollies for Travelling Equipment - PSL 1,  PSL 2)

The Quality Department is a key point of our success in the world of high technology manufacturing. Drillmec personnel is experienced and continuously trained to carry out a wide range of quality control activities, such as Dimensional Checks, Hardness, Testing, Welding Visual Inspection, Non Destructive Examinations, Painting Testing.

All supplied material is properly certified and Drillmec provides to customers adequate certifications and comprehensive data books. Our final aim is to satisfy our clients reaching the highest quality standards in order to give reliability to our products saving time and costs to the end user.