Drillmec has built and supplied more than 80 rigs operating in various arctic regions worldwide. These rigs are fitted with various types of winterization ensuring an adequate temperature in the rig working areas and are developed on the basis of API and GHOST certifications, in compliance with the Technical Regulations of Custom Union TR/CU. Through the years, Drillmec has extended the arctic rigs capacities, models and designed in order to satisfy different needs and serve all the purposes.


Land Drilling Rigs

Constructed of metal suitable for withstanding extreme temperatures, the echelon rig is the classic skidding system in clusters for drilling in typical West Siberian fields.

The technological properties of the material, guarantee the correct use during operations to -45 ° C and proper storage to -60 °.

The rigs are protected by winterizations ranging from the simplest canvas to the most advanced sandwitch panels, which, through air or steam, guarantee the temperature sufficient for the correct performance of operations by the crew.

HH Series

In its portfolio, Drillmec has developed HH series hydraulic drilling rigs for Arctic environments.

Drillmec applies advanced hydraulic technology to traditional Russian drilling systems.

The specific advantages of these rigs are the reduced footprint, that give a significant saving in terms of moving time, and the limited mast size, resulting in a reduced winterization requirement.

Mobile Drilling Rigs

Over the years Drillmec has developed and sold several ARS mobile drilling rigs for operations in extreme climatic conditions and to meet the needs of its customers.

Maintaining the standard requirements in terms of certifications and temperatures of operation, Drillmec offers in its range of products mobile rigs complete with all the equipment winterization that allow the proper operation and movement of the entire system till -45°C.