The Drillmec Training Center has acquired over years of experience a strategic reserve of knowledge that makes it an integral part of the Drillmec Rig Delivery Solutions. As a team we strive to provide the best services to our customers and to customize each training according to their desired request. Thanks to our internal R&D Training Department we have developed several technologies that will help and encourage the learning of our students. Our Instructors have extensive experience in field operations and are certified to provide best in class training methodologies and results.


Well Control and Well Intervention Courses

Certified IWCF courses in Drilling Well Control and Well Intervention Pressure Control for Surface and Subsea and Levels 2 – 3 – 4.
Certified IADC Courses in Well Sharp for Surface and Subsea.

Rig Technical Training

Rig Crew Members are assets to every Drilling Contractor. Drillmec has developed extensive Technical Training Courses towards empowering and enriching our Customers Personnel. The Courses are structured and tailor fitted to impart knowledge and enhance the skills of the Trainees.

Downhole Training

Downhole Training includes all aspects related to Well Operations. This covers everything from the Well Design phase through the construction phase and finally to Drilling problems and their mitigation solutions.

Digital Training Products

Our Internal R&D Department has developped several innovative technologies to optimise student learning. These technologies give Drillmec the edge over traditional training Center.