Health Safety & Environment

Health Safety & Environment (HSE) department is part of the driving force behind Drillmec's development. We give a special attention to comprehensive design and manufacturing of our products tested to resist the most extreme conditions.



Applying a HSE plan, our safety management continuously investigates new technologies in order to reduce the risk of accidents. Professional in-house safety advisors supervise all the manufacturing processes avoiding injuries and human mistakes.


Standardized procedures support enhanced safety, meaning commitment to:
• Comprehensive training
• Permit to work system
• Safety audits
• Follow up and feed back systems
• Safety meetings
• Safety training

The health care of our people is not limited to the medical assistance but includes training to hygiene measures and reduction of high risk areas in our facilities.

Hence our main aim is to design equipment that help to protect manpower from health risk and injuries and to safeguard the environment.



DRILLMEC SPA (Italy): ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018