ProRig is a cloud-based platform that works as a data management system. It allows clients and Drillmec support personnel to monitor in real-time rig and equipment data. It uses IoT protocols to gather sensor data from drilling rigs, store them in secure databases and analyze them using Machine learning. The analysis outcome helps us predict failures, optimize the working life cycle, and improve equipment and operational efficiency. ProRig also includes an intelligent rig state tracker that enables all involved parties to follow rig operations like drilling, tripping, and connections in real-time as well as have an insight into important operational statistics like NPT, connection times, and tripping speeds.



First and foremost is the ease of use. ProRig can be accessed from any location with no additional hardware requirements. It is a swift and seamless way of monitoring your rig in real-time from the comfort of the office.
On the field side, ProRig MONITOR allows different support teams to collaborate and share information in a single cloud location. The ProRig ANALYTICS have shown great potential in improving equipment efficiencies and life cycles and reducing operational and maintenance costs.


ProRig has a high level of flexibility: dashboards, parameters, and graphics can be customized to clients’ needs. Generally, any component equipped with a sensor can be monitored. The more sensors there are, the better the quality and accuracy of the analysis. Data can also be downloaded and shared in raw formats.


ProRig offers three levels of data backup and five levels of cyber security. Data is first stored offline on the rig servers which provides a buffer in case of rig connection loss. Once the data is transferred to our ProRig server it is then backed up to the offline storage at Drillmec HQ. Finally, the platform offers a cloud storage option to quickly reach the data from anywhere in the world. As for security, ProRig uses two-end security software for each data pathway as well as private and secure VPN tunnels to protect the data during the transfer phase.

ProRig embodies Drillmec’s vision for the future of the drilling industry. Data is power and if used correctly, it can open up countless possibilities to improve rig designs and usage. It can also allow rigs to become more sustainable. By implementing ProRig , drilling equipment can become as smart as everyday household appliances. Rig transfer-learning also means that different rigs can help improve one another by learning from rig and improving the other. All this while ensuring minimal worker presence on the rig which reduces costs and more importantly improves safety.