Striker-800® maximizes safety while reducing rig-up and moving time and improving cluster and batch drilling performance with efficiency and reliability.


Over 100 years of international experience

The results achieved in over 100 years of international
experience have been recognized by customers worldwide
and stem f rom our commitment to continuous
improvement through the pursuit of high quality, strong
focus on human resources and emphatic efficiency
throughout the whole process.


Safety, environment and innovation

At the core of our company’s identity lie three principles: safety, environment and innovation. Our worldwide reputation of reliability is a reflection of our extensive engineering development, timely deliveries and excellent after-sale service.

Drillmec is a truly global company but remain deeply
connected to our roots in the Mechanical Engineering Heart
of Italy.

Local Presence

Set up as a small branch, Drillmec has gradually become a very large team

Interestingly enough team bonds are made stronger by sharing feelings: from daily hard work to the joy of the final outcome, from individual committment to team satisfaction.

Our presence in the oilfield industry offers always upgraded solutions to our customers.
Our designs retain a fundamental contribution from our customer’s needs, as a result of a
natural attitude to work together.

All these solutions have been developed under different and difficult working conditions. Each single problem encountered along the way is an opportunity to grow, improve and innovate. Innovative integrated solutions aim to maximize customer’s economics, by means of unique experiences that positively influence customer’s total drilling cost.

Our Brands

Drillmec: Six brands, their technologies and experience, working together to create oilfield solutions. The result achieved in over 100 years of internationalexperience have been recognized by customers worldwide and stem from our commitment to continuous improvement through the pursuit of high quality, a strong focus on human resources and highly efficiency processes.

Global Leader

Over 90% of our turnover is exported to foreign markets

From South America to Russia, from Arab Emirates to Australia, from North America to Iceland: in more than 40 countries on the 5 continents, a Drillmec rig is working, even in this moment.

Our equipment works every day in all variety of soil and climatic conditions, social contexts, languages, cultures and skills. With their robust design, our equipments are fit to work everywhere from the African desert to the American mountains.
The use of Drillmec equipment on jobsites all around the world day by day, tests the effectiveness of the technical solutions.

Latest news

1 Apr 2022
Drillmec is back at OTC 2022

We are glad to be back at OTC 2022 this year! Visit Drillmec at booth 2751 and check out the latest features in terms of drilling rigs and digitalization.

27 Apr 2022
Drillmec and Exalo's cooperation agreement

Drillmec and Exalo Drilling S.A. signed a cooperation agreement for the utilization of Exalo Mechanical Workshops in Poland as preferable partner and service hub supporting Drillmec activities in Central and Central-Eastern Europe.