Our own in house developed simulator for use in Well Control courses and Studies. The simulator models can range from the ultra portable to the full scale and include a modern and intuitive interface as well as high accurate simulation engine.

The analytical model has been developed in a wide range of algorithms to mirror real case scenarios. The general list of algorithms which are developed for this study are BOP, mud and kick circulation, downhole and circulation visualization, kick and loss/fracture, casing shoe loss/fracture, choke panel visualization and operation, drilling ahead by drilling equipment, ROP, hook load and WOB, pit gain/loss and flow meter, valves, mud tanks, rig type, drill string, geometry of well, geology, fluid and mud, and equipment models.

The Simulator can represent a virtual platform to simulate:
• Tripping in/out
• Drilling
• Kick/blowout, the Losses and fractures in the formation.
• Well killing with the different methods