Battery power System BPS

Green Solutions

By harnessing the capabilities of the Battery Energy Storage System, drilling rigs gain the flexibility to run with fewer engines or at lower engine loads. This adaptability optimizes energy consumption, resulting in significant reductions in engine runtime. As a result, rigs experience improved fuel efficiency, leading to substantial diesel savings. These operational enhancements directly translate into lower operating costs, making drilling rigs more economically competitive. Beyond the economic advantages, adopting this Hybrid Power Solution is a testament to Drillmec’s commitment to environmental stewardship. The reduced engine runtime and diesel consumption have a direct positive impact on carbon emissions, contributing to a greener and more sustainable drilling industry. By embracing the Battery Energy Storage System, Drillmec positions itself as an industry leader in adopting eco-friendly practices and demonstrates its readiness to meet increasing environmental regulations in future markets. Moreover, by investing in the Battery Energy Storage System technology, drilling rigs become more resilient and prepared for the evolving landscape of environmental regulations. As the world moves towards stricter environmental standards, rigs equipped with this cutting-edge technology can readily adapt to comply with emerging requirements, ensuring long-term sustainability and market competitiveness.
This innovative Hybrid Power Solution not only positively impacts operating costs but also safeguards the rig’s future viability in the face of increasingly stringent environmental regulations. By adopting this technology, Drillmec showcases its dedication to sustainable practices and sets a progressive example for the drilling industry.

A win-win solution leading to significant engine runtime reductions and diesel savings, making rigs more competitive.