HoD® - Heart of Drilling


The drilling package HoD® combines continuous circulation, high resolution flow rate monitoring and anti-friction device to obtain highest HSE standard and enhanced drilling performance.

The HoD® continuous circulation system safely maintains constant circulation of the drilling fluids to the wellbore when adding or removing drill pipe stands, both while drilling and tripping.


Managing downhole pressure and drilling through very narrow pore/fracture pressure windows are possible thanks to the continuous dialogue with the bottom hole and the constant presence of a double barrier in the well: the mud circulation and the BOPs. At the same time, the continuous cuttings transport and the better mud properties optimization ensure a significant improvement in ROP and NPT, with very short connection time.

Any hole section length can be drilled ensuring constant bottom hole pressure (CBHP) and hole cleaning, eliminating fluctuations in ECD and pressure spikes due to stop-start drilling. These conditions can result in reduction of safety issues and expensive NPT, with the ability to drill very challenging formations. Consequently, project time and costs can be significantly reduced.

The HoD® Continuous Circulation System is comprised of special subs on top of drill pipe stands or integrated directly with drill pipe tool joints, a fully automated clamp and a dedicated manifold. Everything is designed to be easily integrated with other rig equipment and to allow personnel to move away from the rig floor and manage operations remotely.

Main features:

• Conventional drilling with hole stability problems

• Narrow Pore Pressure / Fracture Gradient Window Drilling

• HPHT wells (High Pressure High Temperature)

• Highly Deviated and Horizontal wells (ERD)

• Deep and Ultra-deep water activities

• Geothermal Drilling

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HoD® - Heart of Drilling

The HoD®, Heart of Drilling, is a complete package combining continuous circulation system, high resolution flow rate monitoring and an anti-friction device.

HoD® - Heart of Drilling Operations

The HoD®, Heart of Drilling, provides a significant step ahead in drilling efficiency and the achievement of target in all conditions with very high HSE levels.

HoD® - Heart of Drilling Short Video

The HoD®, Heart of Drilling, is characterized by a small foot print and high system integration with other rig technologies.

HoD® - Heart of Drilling Presentation

The HoD®, Heart of Drilling, allows the companies to reach targets in wells currently not drillable ensuring high safety and enhanced performance.