Schlumberger and Drillmec collaboration

Schlumberger and Drillmec collaboration

28 Oct 2021

Industry leaders eye rig safety and drilling performance increases by working together on a drilling automation solution


Schlumberger and Drillmec are working together to deliver a drilling automation solution. In another signal that digitalization is transforming the oil and gas industry, the two companies have expressed a joint aim to deliver an automation solution that enables drilling contractors and operators to optimize their drilling processes, while improving safety and overall rig performance through better decision making.

“This collaboration is another step by Drillmec on the path towards full automation, demonstrating that we continue to deliver the brand’s distinct value proposition to our customers. The solution we are developing with Schlumberger will be accessible on existing rigs as well as new built rigs, our aim is to unlock further efficiency gains and add value to contractors and operators.” said Simone Trevisani, CEO, Drillmec.


Integrating Schlumberger and Drillmec technology
The smooth integration of two technologies: Drillmec’s Embedded Efficiency Platform (DEEP) and the DrillOps* on-target well delivery solution from Schlumberger, which is enabled by its cloud-based DELFI* cognitive E&P environment, will deliver performance improvement by enhancing safety and streamlining operations.

DEEP is an embedded system that automates repetitive operations, enables automatic pipe handing and integrates a data system that centrally gathers drilling rigs and drilling operations information. The system runs Drillmec’s Pro-Drill and Pro-Rig software to optimize rig performance, safe operations, and maintenance, through just in time analyses and action plan suggestions.

The family of DrillOps solutions includes open and modular machine learning-based applications that benefit from Schlumberger’s indepth scientific, technological, and practical knowledge of hydrocarbon drilling to execute digital drilling plans consistently, with the ability to automate drilling tasks at higher levels of efficiency. More detail on the DrillOps solution can be found here.


Delivering solutions to customers faster
“The DrillOps solution uses artificial intelligence to drive automation in surface and downhole drilling, and this will be integrated with Pro-Dill and Pro-Rig to deliver the drillings solutions our customers need, faster,” comments Kari Anne H. Kjolaas-Holland, Director Digital Operations Solutions, Schlumberger. “This is because integrating Drillmec technology with our deep domain knowledge and AI applications will deliver a drilling automation solution faster than if both companies worked alone and thereby deliver step-changes in drilling consistency and performance.”

*Mark of Schlumberger