Launching the New ARS-225 Mobile Rig for Drilling And Workover Operations in Extreme Conditions

Launching the New ARS-225 Mobile Rig for Drilling And Workover Operations in Extreme Conditions

18 Jul 2021

The new mobile rig ARS-225 has been designed to perform drilling and workover operations in arctic conditions down to -45 °C and up to +45 °C.

With a nominal hook load capacity of 225 metric tons the ARS-225 is the fruit of the experience and nearly two years cooperation between Drillmec, Seismotekhnika and PO Belorusneft, a leading Belarusian company in oil exploration, drilling, refining and trading. Based on the ARS-250 currently operating in Belorusneft’s oilfields and achieving impressive performances, the main characteristics of the ARS-225 are:

- Mobile rig typical characteristics: light weight, hydraulic mast & sub rising and erection, rig mounted on a semitrailer vehicle;

- Short commissioning and decommissioning timeframe, with limited necessity of lifting equipment during said operation;

- Drive unit: diesel power (equipped with n.2 CAT C18 oil & gas type 700 Hp).

- Fuel system: two tanks with a capacity of 400 I, with heating of coarse filters;

- Transmission: two GMT Allison 661 OH, with lock-up torque converters, six-speed chain type, with switchable input flanges;

- Single-drum Drawworks, with pneumatic drum clutch and water-cooled belt brakes, pulling capacity 245 kN equipped with oil filled chain gearbox, nominal travelling block speed min.1,5 m/s; Auxiliary brake pneumatic disk type Eaton and emergency/auxiliary AC drive;

- Telescopic mast two-section, inclined with open front, equipped with hydraulic cylinders for rising and erection, and racking board with adaptive height;

- Substructure: parallelogram type, with hydraulic rising cylinders, with 3825 kN capacity;

- Hydraulic Top Drive, HTD-250;

- Winterization and heating system of substructure, drill floor, racking board and semitrailer.

- Optional skidding system (Echelon) for mobile drilling rig type ARS-200/225/250, allowing the rig to operate on cluster without rig down and decommissioning.