About Us

Idrogena's roots are in the Oil and Gas industry where Drillmec is a recognized leader in innovative drilling technology and automation with presence in over 60 countries.

Idrogena partnered with leading carbon capturing and hydrolysis providers.
Idrogena designs and provides fit for purpose, cost effective carbon neutral solutions.

The Team
Tullia Zucca
Professional Engineer with over 40 years of experience in R&D of chemical processes. Tullia has various important national and international patents covering gas treatment, chemical and hazardous waste treatment, carbon capturing and plasma torch.
M.Sc. Chemical Engineering University of Milan.
"I looked for you everywhere, I struggled intrigued by doubt. Only after falling down, exhausted from the race, did you raise me up, revealing yourself with dazzling simple clarity. Then I realized you were always behind me."
Donato Bocchetti
Donato worked as a researcher with Rome La Sapienza University from 2007 to 2016 on energy related projects. He has over 20 years of technical and management experience in developing and commercializing innovative system in the energy sector such as metering systems, control systems, hydrogen refuelling stations and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) systems.
M.Sc. Petroleum Engineering University of Rome La Sapienza
Federico Meloni
Federico created and cofounded several innovative projects including a center for scientific research and development of hydrogen and an initiative for the digitalization of the healthcare sector in Sardinia. His experience ranges from designing thermal plants to LNG stations and cryogenic plants.
M.Sc. Hydraulic Engineering from University of Cagliari and MBA in Energy Marketing and Communication
Luigi Tagliasacchi
Professional engineer with over 25 years' experience in design and works supervision, most of which has been in the energy and oil and gas sector. Luca leads an engineering company and general contractor.
M.Sc. Hydraulic Civil Engineering University of Cagliari

The Process

  • Converter under development (Q1/23)
  • Uses Methane as a single feedstock
  • Heat splits the methane molecules into pure hydrogen and solid carbon
  • No Combustion -> No CO2
  • No Catalysts -> No waste products
  • Eliminates Methane gas -> (Carbon Negative)
  • No Water Needed (unlike Hydrolysis)
  • Less Energy required than hydrolysis and steam reforming
  • Generates valuable high purity carbon black
  • Can be deployed on medium scale project
  • Scalable to larger industrial applications
Idrogena - pyrolysis
Carbon, a valuable by-product
generated with zero emissions
Idrogena - carbon black

Pure carbon black is an essential material found in countless everyday products. The conventional process to create carbon black releases large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Through Idrogena's methane pyrolysis technology, we create cleanly made, environmentally sustainable pure carbon black compared to traditional manufacturing processes.

The station

Idrogena - station

Our pilot project is a fuel station that combines the versatility of LNG as a high energy density vector with the streghts of a small scale pyrolytic process to produce Hydrogen on site where it is needed and distributed.

This station is the first of its kind worldwide, is being built in Sardinia, an ideal candidate thanks to an existing LNG storage terminal, a favourable market and a local administration that is incentivizing eco-friendly fuels for the energy transition.

Our values

We have staked our claim to a bold mission - to be the technology leader in producing cost-effective, pure hydrogen and clean materials, which will transform the environmental future of the planet.
But our success will be fueled by the culture and values that drive us every day.
We begin with these founding principles, that are:

Idrogena - Environmentally Transformative
Environmentally Transformative
Idrogena - Economically Sustainable
Economically Sustainable
Idrogena - Technology Leader
Technology Leader