Simulator training

The purpose of this phase is to allow personnel involved in the operations to become acquainted with the rig controls, functions and operational sequences.

The Drillmec training centre is equipped with land rig and HH series rig simulation facilities.


The course includes the use of a simulator which replicates the command console of the HH 300 systems produced from 2007 to 2013. The simulator is equipped with a DOME projection system which reproduces the operational components of the probe level and the rod handling system in 3D. During training it will be possible to simulate the start-up of the system, of the single components and, with the use of the Human Machine Interface of the manipulator, it is possible to go over the operational sequences of teaching, bin to bin and trip in and trip out sequences.



The course is held using a simulator equipped with state-of-the-art Drillmec Cyber Chair installed since 2015 on all Drillmec conventional and hydraulic systems. The hardware is composed of 3 joysticks with 4-touch-screen software with which the driller can control the entire system. The simulator is equipped with a projection system which realistically reproduces, in 3D display, the operational components of the probe level. It will be possible to simulate the start-up of the system and of each component installed and carry out their calibration, in order to go back over the operational sequence using the hardware commands and the Human Machine Interfaces. All kinds of land rig software can be uploaded into the simulator. To immerse the trainer in an almost realistic scenario, the simulator is designed to exactly reproduce the movements as if in working reality


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