Classroom training

The purpose of this phase is to provide a deep and full knowledge of the rig operations, power systems and controls systems. The training will be performed with the last teaching technologies and materials, to provide theoretical and technical understanding. This phase is realized by means of textbooks integrated with audio-video contents. All the personnel involved in the operations should attend the deepening classroom training that will have different development for the three workgroups:


The training will be focused on controls, interfaces, operative sequences and safety systems applied to the different working configurations. Moreover it will be based on the operative processes of rig-up, rig-down and skidding. Will be put focus on the steps and logic to realize these sequences.

Mechanic Maintenance & Electric Maintenance:

The training will give a deep knowledge of the hydraulic, pneumatic and electric systems of the rig.

  • The first phase consists in a common session that have to provide a full basic overview of all the systems. It includes a structured hydraulic training that provides easier understanding of the working logics.
  • In the second phase the maintenance team will be divided into different working groups depending on the specific competences. Each team will be guided in the analysis of power and controls systems diagrams to be able to approach troubleshooting.
  • The third phase will cover the rig maintenance aspects, discussing the preventive, ordinary and extraordinary schedules and interventions.


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