Computer Based Training (CBT)

This course is based on CBT technology and includes the use of a multimedia platform on tablets. Its aim is to provide in-depth knowledge on Drillmec systems (MR-HH-Land rig). The course uses PDF technical documents, video-animation and 3D content. If the course is held at Drillmec SPA (Italy), in addition to the multimedia component on CBT, training meetings can also be organized with specialist personnel, so as to gain practical experience on the single components. The CBT course employs a hierarchical structure to assess the level of learning achieved by personnel. The System includes a test at the end of each learning unit which, upon a positive result, gives access to the next topic. Each student will be provided with a user name and password in order to be able to verify, through a software manager, their progress in learning and to provide the client with final feedback on each participant.

The levels oof training will be:

  • Introduction:
The purpose of this phase is to give a general overview of the system. The scope of work and the main features of the rig will be outlined, all the components will be described and their operating principle analysed.
  • Function:
The purpose of this phase is to describe in-depth the function of each component and its troubleshooting. This will be achieved using the support of multimedia contents such as 3D models, pictures and videos of the real rig.

  • Operational sequences:
The purpose of this phase is to apply the knowledge obtained in the previous phases to analyse the working sequences of the rig. This will be done using the support of multimedia contents like 3D models, pictures and videos of the real rig. The sequences that will be studied are trip-in and trip-out and drilling in all working configurations. It is also possible to simulate the movements and functions of all the rig equipment by means of animated 3D scenes. 


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