Top Drives

Hydraulic Top Drives

Drillmec manufactures a full range of hydraulic top drives. Drillmec HTD series top drives can be fitted to almost any rig in order to increase the performance and help in operations such as directional or horizontal drilling. Drillmec designs top drive rails and torque tube starting from drawings of the customer rig or from data collected by our technicians directly on the rig field.
The torque tube provide the connection between the new HTD top drive and the existing rig. The HTD top drive is supplied with an independent hydraulic power pack and controls and with a transportation cradle designed to hold it and help in moving.

Electric Top Drives
In the oil & gas industry top drive technology is used to increase performance and safety; from Drillmec solid experience in manufacturing hydraulic pipe handling and top drives, we introduce the ETD Series. The Drillmec Electric Top Drive is designed as transportable as well as permanent installed unit for deep drilling rigs with different mast types. The System is powered by an AC motor. The ETD Series is controlled by a separate control panel. The standard Top Drive version includes the following items:

  • Hanger assembly with integrated Counterbalance cylinders
  • Standard washpipe
  • Link-tilt-system with position monitoring designed for high impacts
  • Remote-controlled and manual IBOP
  • Backup Clamp to make up and break the Top Drive drill pipe connection
  • Guide rail system inducing the torque within the mast
  • Electrical service loop
  • Suitable for installation on any kind of mast and derrick

ProductMax Pull Up StaticMax Drilling TorqueMax Make Up TorqueMax Break Down TorqueWorking PressureDimensionsSpeedWorking LengthWeightID Full Opening
HYDRAULIC TOP DRIVE HTD SERIESlbslbs ftlbs ftlbs ftpsiinrpminlbsin
HTD 200 C400000265502876432170500049'' x 49''0 - 180174''110232'',3/8
HTD 250 C500000265502876432170500049'' x 49''0 - 180174''1121252'',3/8
HTD 350700000289413254848834500070'' x 70''0 - 180215''220463''
ProductMax Pull Up StaticMax Drilling TorqueMax Break Out TorqueStatic Brake TorqueWorking PressureSpeedID Full OpeningPower Rating
ELECTRIC TOP DRIVE ETD SERIESlbslbs ftlbs ftlbs ftpsirpminhp
ETD 37577000032000737009200075001503''1150
ETD 500100000051600737009200075001153''1150
ETD 7501500000780009700011700075001084''1600


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