Drillmec designed the Striker-800™, the first off–the-shelf design for the ultimate shale drilling rig package.

This innovative, flexible and efficient cluster drilling rig package to provide you with a top solution for optimal batching operations on multiple lines in a space efficient and simple layout.

Striker-800™ maximizes safety while reducing rig-up and moving time and improving cluster and batch drilling performance with efficiency and reliability. 

Main Features
  • Side Cellar configuration with clearance to walk over wellheads 
  • Patented One-Shot Hydraulic Safe-Lift Raising of Mast
  • Rig module built-in well control package not requirinh disassembly and reassembly during walking reducing release to spud time
  • Ultimate multidirectional moving system for safe, fast and efficient multi-well pad drilling, eliminating rig-up and rig-down. Substructure is set for two different walking system configurations, allowing a greater versatility of the rig on different cluster configurations (X and Y spacing)


Faster Moving
  • One Shot Hydraulic Safe-Lift raising for mast and setback/drill floor, with swing-lift side cellar substructure configuration
  • Top drive, torque tube and service loop permanently installed in lower mast section
  • Drill floor and setback installed on ground with BOP trolley beams, rotary tables, winches and iron roughneck (integrated in setback design)

Improved Operational Performance
  • Side cellar substructure with clearance to walk over wellheads and cellars, optimizing batch drilling operations
  • Integrated rig module built-in well control package and smart power management system with LER configuration, improving safety, efficiency and reliability

Optimized Walking

  • Ultimate multidirectional rig moving system for safe, fast and efficient multi-well pad drilling, eliminating rig-up and rig-down
  • Walking system with two different and flexible configurations underneath or outside of the substructure
  • Dual, fully covered, test stump BOP working area for two BOP stack offline maintenance and testing integrated in bottom box

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