Research & Innovation


All our work is based upon solid research. We think of problems ahead of time and provide solutions to keep your construction project on target. Our products are the result of over forty years’ cumulative experience and knowledge. Tested under the most difficult conditions to make sure they are safe, our machines have a life cycle of over 20 years, so they are cost effective as well as powerful. Our technical team comprises over 90 design engineers, who are hard at work every day to develop new state-of-the-art solutions. Our equipment doesn’t just do the job. It is designed to inspire.

Passion for Innovation

We are constantly striving to think ahead and reach new horizons, creating the unthinkable. Our experience has shown never to say never. Time and again our people, united by a shared passion for innovation, have turned utopian ideas into reality. We aren’t afraid of taking on new ideas or challenges. This boldness is the real engine that drives Drillmec. Whether working on a building’s foundation or a dam, drilling a hole in the earth or under the sea, we address every technical challenge with its own unique solution. We strive to think out of the box and stay one step ahead of the industry.

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