Real Time Diagnostic System

The Drillmec Drilling Data Acquisition System is an advanced driller’s monitoring system, monitor installed on driller control cabin, that can accurately measure, monitor, record and display all drilling variabiles in real time.

  • PLC based control technology
  • Drilling data can be transmitted to a remote monitor
  • High brightness Color driller’s monitor
  • Heavy duty box assembly
  • Acoustic alarm

Following the measured variables displayed in the driller’s monitor:

  • HPU main parameters and alarms
  • Hookload
  • Weight on Bit
  • Rate of Penetration
  • Top Drive Position
  • Top Drive Torque
  • Top Drive RPM
  • Standpipe Pressure
  • Mud Pump SPM for MP1, MP2 and Total
  • Mud Pump counter function for strokes and Mud Volume

Scale of instrumentation will be defined by customer. The DMS Watchdog is a simple and secure web application that collects, stores, and displays drilling data, suitable to transmit the data to the customer’s offices (with the capability to monitor the well activities in real-time). The DMS Watchdog will include a satellite sytem to transmit data from local to remote, from any location. In addition, customer can see a satellite map that illustrates where the rigs are located, thanks to GPS signal. Rig Parameters:

  • Weight on Bit
  • Rate of Penetration
  • Pull-up.
  • Pull-down.
  • Hydraulic pumps pressure / flow.
  • Hydraulic oil temperature.
  • Top Drive Torque
  • Top Drive RPM
  • Power Tong Torque
  • Power Tong force clamp
  • Mouse Hole engaged

Graphic display, printing and exporting options. Trend screen: This section supplies graphs showing the time course of drilling.

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