Pipe Handling Equipment

Every rig operator is looking for greater efficiency and safer operations at the same time. Drillmec automated Pipe Handling Equipment accomplishes both in easy to operate and extremely reliable equipment. 

Power Catwalk & Pipe Shuttle 

Power Catwalk / Pipe Shuttle are the devices used for moving tubulars in complete safety from pipe racks to drill floor. 


Bridge Crane Racker 

Bridge Crane Racker is mounted on runway beams installed inside of the derrick, over the racking area. The lifting arm, equipped with a clamp, can be extended into the path of the traveling equipment and can handle various tubular sizes. The arm is equipped with a safety shear pin and safety cable to prevent damage should a collision occur. The racker can move the tubulars from racking board to well center, and viceversa. 

The bridge, 200 degree slewing and trolley functions are driven by rack and pinion drives and powered by rig hydraulic power. 

The control panels will be integrated into: derrick man cabin, driller’s control panel and driller’s assistant control panel. 

The Bridge Racker controls are configured such that the Racker can be run from a joystick controller on the derrick man control cabin or manually with the manually operated hydraulic controls in the derrick man control cabin, should there be any problems with the electrical controls. 

The system will be furnished with a complete zone management system to prevent collision between handler elements and travelling equipment. 

The Bridge Racker uses electrical components suitable for operation in Zone 2.

Vertical Racker

This Automated pipe handling system is remarkably easy for drilling and tripping operations, it significantly reduces operating times as well as risks for the staff on the drilling floor. This pipe handler is composed as follows 

One (1) mechanical arm, hydraulically operated, complete with hydraulic clamp, for pipe handling from racking area to the mouse hole 

One (1) vertically movable trolley hydraulically operated, with the function of ensuring the handler arm a proper vertical stroke for pipe handling

This automated system makes the operator free: in fact, while the driller performs activities on the center well or mouse hole, this automated pipe handling system prepares offline another pipe or standin order to drastically reduce down time during tripping and make-up oerations. 

The rotation of this pipe handler is hydraulic driven and its stop and alignment takes place by means of a mechanical limit switch (0-180°).


X-Y Racking Board Racker 

The X-Y Racker consists of two stationary derrick mounted bridge travel rails, an hydraulically driven bridge assembly with drive transmission installed above the bridge travel rails and a secondary trolley/hoist assembly rolling on the bridge assembly to provide x-y motion.  The X-Y Racker is installed in the derrick above the fingerboard. The function of the racker is to allow for “offline stand building” and guidance of drillpipe stands, casing stands and BHA assy’s to the setback / fingerboard area. The hoisting of the tubular is done by means of a winch and an elevator.  The winch performs the hoisting by pulling a wire, guided by a fairlead assembly located directly above the load.  Motion stop buffer provides a mechanical stop for bridge assembly and the travel/hoist assembly eliminating the risk of collision with the Top Drive System. The stops nearest the well center are removable when access to the well center in an override mode is required.The X-Y Racker uses electrical components suitable for operation in Zone 2. The position of the bridge, trolley and hoist are monitored using absolute encoder feedback and interlocked for end of travel limits and for acceleration and deceleration of the X-Y Racker into defined positions. The encoders are mechanically isolated for reliable operation and are for non-hazardous area operation.

THV – Tubular Horizontal to Vertical

DRILLMEC designed a device to bring tubular (drill pipes, drill collars, tubing and casing) from the pipe deck to the mouse hole and vice versa, in a fast and safe way.
This pipe handler is suitable to grab drill pipes and casing from the horizontal pipe rack and lift them in vertical position, aligned with mouse hole axis.


Stinger is where industrial robotics meets experience and excellence in innovation. It is a pipe handling system that allows to build up and rack back stands of drill pipe, drill collars and casing offline, while drilling. All tubular handling occurs through semiautomatic and automatic sequences, enhancing safety and predictability by bringing people out of the line of fire.

TUBULAR RANGE (Offline Stand & Rack Back) 
Drill Pipe: from 3” thru 6 5/8” OD in Automatic Handling Mode
Drill Collars up to 10” in Rack Back Transfer Mode
Casing up to 7” in Handling Automatic Handling Mode
Slew time: 90° at 3 sec.
Extend: up to 0.75 ft/sec.
Retract: up to 0.75 ft/sec.
Max Tubular Capacity in Automatic Handling Mode: 2,500 lbs
Max Tubular Capacity in Rack Back Transfer Mode: 22,000 lbs
Max Slew force: 1,900 lbs
Capable to be installed on 30,000 ft racking boards capacity.


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