PCT - Compact Power Tong

DRILLMEC's Compact Power Tong is able to offer high torque performances with very quick operations. 

Drillmec PCT system, consist mainly of: 

  • Rotating clamps
  • Set of hydraulic cylinders for vertical and horizontal power tong moving
  • Spinning system 
  • Pedestral/Positioning 


PCT Series Main features

  • Can be installed directly on rig floor through a pedestal, can be powered by a Hydraulic Power Unit (stand alone system) or by the auxiliary rig’s HPU.
  • Controls are located in the driller cabin and on the drill floor, connected to the PCT by cables, allowing remote operation handling at safe distance 

PCT Series Main Benefits:

  • Controls positioned on the handling arm frame available in case of emergency
  • Easy installation and handling procedure, two pad eyes rated 17 ton each top mounted for lifting operations
  • Equipped with one limit switch that stops upper clamp rotation during make-up phase
  • High torque performance and wide OD range availability
ProductPipe handledMax Break Up TorqueMax Break Out TorqueSpinning Speed
PCT-80from 2 7/8 to 8 1/26000080000100
PCT-130from 3 1/2 to 11110000132000100


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