Water Well & Multipurpose Rigs

Water wells, mining exploration, seismic use, geothermal exploitation, geological investigation, well servicing, micropiling

Drillmec manufactures a wide range of waterwell rigs, multipurpose rigs and equipments for water well drilling, well development and geological surveys that have been successfully operating all over the world.

Drillmec rigs are either hydraulic or mechanical and are designed and manufactured according to a large selection of configurations and different solutions.

In order to cover most of drilling sector needs, Drillmec offers varied solutions and products besides the complete rigs, including rotary drilling equipment and consumables, rotary and hammer drilling equipment, drill pipes, drill collars and casing, drilling accessories, as long as training and long-term technical assistance on site, for maintenance and exploitation of drilling rigs.


Production facility
Via Faraboli, 2
43012 Sanguinaro di Fontanellato
PARMA (Italy)
P: +39 0521 368511
F: +39 0521 368539
Email: info@psmdrilling.it
WWW psmdrilling.it


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