Hydraulic Rigs Packages

Everything about the HH Series is designed for speed, safety and efficiency. You can tell just by looking it is not a conventional rig. From it self-erecting telescopic mast made from powerful hydraulic cylinders to the built-in integrated hydraulic top drive, HH rigs are designed to optimize your drilling plan from top to bottom. Automated systems, centralized control and few rig floor workers combine for a safer and more efficient drilling operation, better performance and reduced costs. Compared with rigs of equal power and capability, the HH Series creates a lower weight and smaller footprint reducing also environmental impact. The HH Series answers many demands of the E&P industry; increased productivity, fewer accidents and a reduced impact on the environment. By automating tasks on the floor and mobilizing components for efficiency, the HH Series’ unique design is the shape of things to come.

HH Series: Drilling Applications

The HH Series drilling processes are largely automated and centrally operated from the driller’s cabin. Stuck pipe becomes less of an issue with features that allow automatic drilling even with preset WOBs and ROPs or top drive back reaming.

The most noteworthy feature is the rig’s vertical pipe handling system, although several pipe handling system can be also implemented on HH rigs. The top drive is fully integrated with the vertical pipe rack through an automated pipe handler that rotates within the system and is equipped with a torque wrench for making up drill strings and has a horizontal displacement capability for moving pipe between the center hole and mouse hole.

The high Automation Level reduces the rig drilling crew, enhancing safety on board. Drillmec HH Series are designed to reduce environmental impact decreasing noise emissions and waste production.

HH Series: Workover Applications

HH units can also cover a wide range of workover activities and requirements in an offshore oilfield service.

HH units for workover application are designed to ensure high safety standards, reliability and efficient operation rates to ensure low maintenance costs and long operating life.

These are the main features:

  • Hands-off Automatic Handling of Tubulars (DP, Tubing, Casing) using built in: Top Drive – Pipe Handler - Jib Crane – Elevators
  • Handling ESP Components with full access to the well center
  • ESP cable guiding & clamping systems for tubing installation
  • Rig automation to minimize manual involvement in the work
  • Cyber control cabin with integrated control system
  • Automated pipe handling including delivery of pipes between pipe rack and the completion rig
  • Light and compact designs to allow simple and easy application on all different type of platforms
  • Skidding and rotation system for full well path area covering
  • Tailor made solutions for all different applications and operations 


On the basis of the HH Series experience and field results, Drillmec has developed a new generation of fully automated drilling rig forward, named AHEAD (Advanced Hydraulic Electrical Automated Driller), designed to meet the highest HSE standards and drilling efficiency.

The AHEAD Series represents a new concept of fully automated drilling rigs. They represent the results of a strong focus on innovation and continuous improvement that has always characterized Drillmec in the global market of drilling rigs. Highest HSE standards and drilling efficiency are assured thanks to automation and to complete drilling package able to ensure a continuous dialogue with the bottom hole.


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