HoD - Heart of Drilling

A large percentage of drilling problems are related to wellbore pressure management and hole cleaning. For this reason, controlling well pressures during drilling phases is a fundamental requirement for personnel safety, operational efficiency and economic success of drilling projects.

 Drillmec HoD® (Heart of Drilling) is a cutting edge drilling package, which offers uninterrupted bottom hole pressure controlling and managing even while making-up or breaking-out drill pipe connections.

Combining an advanced Continuous Circulation System (HoD CC) with a High-Resolution Flow Rate Monitoring System (HoD FM), HoD gives operators the capability to achieve the planned TD in all drilling environment with extremely high HSE standards, enhanced performance and, consequently, with a drastic reduction of total drilling project time and costs.

 Drillmec HoD package, consists mainly of the following technologies:


  • Conventional drilling with hole stability problems
  • Narrow Pore Pressure / Fracture Gradient Window Drilling
  • HPHT wells (High Pressure High Temperature)
  • Highly Deviated and Horizontal wells (ERD)
  • Deep and Ultra-deep Water activities
  • Geothermal Drilling


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