HoD - Heart of Drilling - HoD FM

In any oil and gas drilling operation, the beginning of a formation fluid influx (kick) or of a wellbore breathing (ballooning effect) can result in serious hazards and, consequently, in significant risks and costs to the operator. 

Early detection of formation fluid influxes (kicks) and mud losses reduces safety risks, minimizes costs associated with unplanned events and prevents well bore damage caused by controlling a fluid influx or reacting to wellbore breathing.

Drillmec HoD FM performs a continuous and accurate monitoring of the hydraulic barrier on the well through the acquisition and elaboration of the date characterizing the circulating mud, and provides a real time alarm to the operator if any of the following scenarios arises:
  • Influx of Formation Fluids
  • Mud Losses

The combination of HoD CC with HoD FM works as an open-loop MPD system: continuous circulation acts as prevention of accidents, ensuring continuity of the hydraulic safety barrier on the well; the flow rate monitoring helps operators to quickly make the right decision in case of kicks or mud losses through a continuous monitoring of the hydraulic barrier.

Main Features:

  • Flowmeters Type: Venturi meters
  • Working Pressure rating: 7,500 psi 
  • Flow rate range: 250 ÷ 1,200 gpm
  • Influx/loss flow rate resolution 25 gpm

Operates over a large range of flow rates, mud weights, mud types and temperatures
Real time alarm to the driller (no automatic actions on the well)
Easy and fast integration in conventional mud systems


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