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The continuous circulation of drilling fluids to the well bore represents the first step to manage the bottom hole pressure without discontinuity, avoiding bottom fluctuations in ECD (Equivalent Circulating Density) and downhole pressure spikes due to the on-and-off cycling of pumps. 
Especially in challenging drilling environment, stop-start circulation can generate several drilling problems as connection kicks, ballooning effect, stuck pipe, etc., resulting in serious safety concerns and significant costs to the operator.
Drillmec HoD CC is an advanced Continuous Circulation System designed to improve safety standards and drilling performance in all well conditions, maintaining constant circulation of drilling fluid in the well even while making-up or breaking-out drill pipes connection. 
A “continuous dialogue with the bottom hole” has ensured by a System configuration characterized by an easy and fast integration in all rig in operation.

Main advantages


  • Continuous BHP control;
  • ECD management even in challenging wells with very narrow pore pressure/fracture gradient drilling window;
  • Reduced likelihood of influx / ballooning effects;
  • Easier kicks identify  in the absence of on-and-off cycling of pumps;
  • Immediate response to kicks as drill pipe is always connected to the mud supply;


  • Reduction of total drilling duration
  • Shorter total connection time
  • Elimination of circulation time before making connections
  • Elimination of re-drilling or settled cuttings after making connections
  • Early field production


  • Continuous hole cleaning
  • Improvement of well bore stability
  • Reduced formation stress, hole and reservoir damage
  • Prevents cuttings beds formation in lateral and ERD wells
  • Reduces the likelihood of a stuck bit or BHA 


  • Increase drilling length
  • Potential to increase the ROP by means of a new mud rheology with a suitable weight
  • Reduction in typical expensive drilling problems
  • Increased equipment lifetime
  • Increase production due to less reservoir damage

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