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Terms and conditions

1.       From the publication of the Linkedin post, the first three candidates who will respond correctly and respecting the underlying terms and conditions will be awarded with a free Drilling Well Control course each. The time to respond is from 05/11/2018 to 02/12/2018.
* In case of refusal of a candidate it will be chosen progressively the next candidate who will have answered correctly.
2.       The course is issued with a IWCF Drilling Well Control certificate and the candidate will have to choose either the level (between 3 and 4) either if for surface or combined (subsea) rig;
3.       The course with the IWCF Drilling Well Control certificate will be held in English;
*The course is delivered in English but the candidate can choose the language of the text of the exam document
4.       The course with the issue of IWCF Drilling Well Control certificate will be held on Week 3 (2019) from 14/01/2019 to 18/01/2019;
*no other session anymore
5.       The candidate can only participate to the course if in possession of an old/new Well Control certificate IWCF;
6.       The candidate must provide evidence of how he / she performed the problem. The candidate must send a copy of how he / she has developed the problem and its result (the result is not enough to win the free package) with a copy of the IWCF certificate and a valid identity document  to;
7.       All costs of accommodation, transportation, visas, etc. shall be borne by the candidate. The Drillmec Training & Well Control Center offers only and exclusively the course with the IWCF certificate, if suitable for the scores after the final exam.

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