Engineering & Design

Years of experience enable our company to overcome the challenges of our clients by finding solutions that are both reliable and cost effective. Our skillful in-house engineering department supports brand new projects as well as rig upgrades and refurbishment work. We utilize the latest available software to analyze data, guaranteeing accurate results and providing clients with the necessary calculations and certifications according to API requirements.

The analysis process includes:

  • Data gathering and input
  • Static analysis of all operating loads
  • Examination of dynamic behavior
  • Combinations of the stating and dynamic load cases

Several simulations of stress analysis take place during the design process in order to optimize the layout and weight of the structure without compromising its safety. In addition to the API standard requirements, we supply accurate and detailed documentation of its design as well as related working procedures. Whenever requested by the customer, these design documents can be submitted directly to a Third Party Body for verification and approval.

A number of years ago, we changed from manual drafting to the sophisticated computer aided design software PRO Engineering. Now there are more than 30 PRO/E and 2 PRO Mechanica workstations for structural and kinematic calculations.

This is an example of the importance that innovation, big or small, has always held within our organization's history. The forward-thinking attitude of our organization, from top to bottom, has brought us to the forefront of innovative technology and the creation of new, higher performing products in line with the market's requirements. Investing in innovation, research, and development is a strategic, winning necessity. But innovation and new solutions are not effortless. It requires a qualified staff of designers with extensive experience, with advanced instrumentation and, above all, constant education, even on site, to shape new minds and resources.

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