Drillmec Portable Simulator

Portable simulator, bringing a drilling simulator wherever you need

We are proud to annunce a new product in our range: the Drillmec Portable Simulator.

This new product is bringing the ability of train your crew on a realistic and innovative way, with the integration with Virtual Reality Technology, the trainee will be immersed in a virtual scenario, he will be able to interact with it, uderstand and learn in a complete new way.

Moreover, the portable simulator can be easily sent to your training department, and easilly installed. 

Land rig or HH? On-shore or Off-shore?

One of the major advantages of this solution is the versatility, indeed, you can set different typologies of rig, in different scenarios.
No matter what kind of fleet you have, on-shore or off-shore, the same simulator can be loaded with conventional rigs as well as Hydraulic Hoist rigs (HH), loaded in different and various environments.

Main features
It is designed with a cyber control panel, reproducing exactly the one on the rig, equipped with four HMI control screens and one TV monitor for visualization (Virtual Realy Technology is available upon request, the technology of visualization can be adapted to the client's needs).

The simulator reproduces the operative sequences of tripping and drilling, simulating rig controls, devices operations, HMI supervision and well response.

The simulator reproduces the generators and services startup and shutdown sequences, as well as complete HMI subsystems analysis and parameters setup.

Missions and trouble-shooting

In order to train the crew to actively react to emergency situations that may occour, the Portable Simulator offers the capability to set different kind of missions, the trainer will be able to set up the environment where the trainee will operate (for example create damages to the rig, switch off generators and so on) to test the trainee's reactions facing these problems, and teach how to trouble shoot them.


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