Drillmec Academy

Training is essential to innovation. This is the principle for Drillmec Academy, a training school which is open both to our customers and staff. We want to make sure that our customers with their trained personnel are always in control of their equipment and can solve any problem.

Our skilled team of instructors offers students both classroom and on-field lessons about:
  • Rig operation (both mechanical and hydraulic drilling rigs)
  • Standard maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Familiarization with Drillmec's documentation (Operational and Maintenance Manual, Spare Parts Manual, other catalogues).

  • Training is not only theorical. The practical side is just as important to train the mind. In fact, from time to time it is important to send our technical staff to job-sites and see the real problem of the machine in operation.

    This will enable them to develop new solutions when designing new equipment.

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