Drawworks [Onshore]

Drillmec gear driven drawworks (GD Series) are the primary hoisting machinery used to raise and lower the traveling blocks. They consist of the following main parts: the drum, the motors, the reduction gear, the brake, and the auxiliary brake.
With the Massarenti experience and a unique aim for continuous improvement over decades of innovation, Drillmec produces a wide range of drawworks engineered for today’s tough challenges. As with other Drillmec drilling equipment, our drawworks can be fitted to all land rigs with power ranging from 1,500 to 3,000 hp with a nominal depth range of 3,500 to 10,000 meters (11,000 ft to 32,000 ft).

ProductHorse powerNominal DepthWireline SizeHoisting Drum SizeWidth OverallWidth In TransportationHeight OverallLenght OverallWeightHoisting Capacity - 8 LinesHoisting Capacity - 10 LinesHoisting Capacity - 12 LinesHoisting Capacity - 14 LinesHoisting Capacity - 16 Lines
MAS 6000 GD150011480 to 164001,3/828,1/2 x 5515510612425799200537000648000750000--
MAS 7000 GD200013120 to 196801,1/231,1/2 x 61155106124324105800-8077009507001087000-
MAS 7500 GD250019680 to 262501,5/836 x 62206126124329114600-100000011570001300000-
MAS 8000 GD300026250 to 328101,3/436 x 62206126124329114600--1300000155000017000000


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