Drawworks - GDS & GDM Series

DRILLMEC’s GDS Series is the new generation of Compact Gear Driven Single Speed Drawworks built to improve safety and performance. The compact design makes this product line the state of art to the oil industry for onshore application and excellent for offshore application in case of new installation, refurbishment and upgrading of existing ones.Complete with a modern Automatic Drilling System, PLC based product, AC Motors frequency drive is capable of holding full load at zero speed indefinitely and high safety emergency disc brake system with negative calipers. The package is designed to reduce noise, vibration and maintenance at highest performance level. The GDS Series replaces the MAS Series and it is fully compatible with any rig designs. 

Drillmec GDM Series Gear Driven Drawworks are the result of years of experience with the main objective of continuous improvement over decades of innovation. GDM drawworks consists of the following main components: drum, motors, reduction gear, brake and auxiliary brake. Drillmec produces a wide range of drawworks engineered for today’s tough drilling challenges. Like with other Drillmec drilling equipment, our Gear Driven Drawworks can be fitted to all land rigs with power ranging from 1500 to 3000 hp with a nominal depth range from 3500 to 10000 meters (11000 ft to 32000 ft). 

DRILLMEC’s GDS & GDM Series Drawworks for Offshore Application are developed to offer superior performance for a variety of drilling operations and work environments for both shallow and deep water drilling applications. The GD Series for Offshore Application are characterized by a compact footprint & size, durability, effectiveness, and energy-efficiency even in deep water applications.

ProductMax Continuous PowerMax Hoisting CapacityTransmissionWire ropeMotors assebly
 hp# max lines - hoising lbs inch#motors x hp each
GDS 1000100014 - 500 000Gear Driven1 1/41 x 1500
GDS 2000200014 - 1 300 000Gear Driven1 1/22 x 1609
GDS 3000300014 - 1 700 000Gear Driven1 1/42 x 1609
GDM 1500150012 - 750 0001X2-Speed Gear-Box1 3/82 x 1150
GDM 2000200012 - 1 300 0002X2-Speed Gear-Box1 1/22 x 1150
GDM 3000300016 - 1 700 0002X2-Speed Gear-Box1 3/42 x 1609
GDM 4500450016 - 2 000 0003X2-Speed Gear-Box23 x 1500
GDM 6000600016 - 2 300 0004X2-Speed Gear-Box24 x 1500


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