Auxiliary Equipment

Drillmec product line can also offer different auxìliary Equipment, such as:

Drilling Fluid Equipment – Mud System, Bulk Storage and Transfer, Mud Tanks, Mud Guns, Mud Monitoring, Seawater Cooling Units

DRILLMEC designs and manufacture complete mud and bulk systems to be integrated into a complete DRILLMEC drilling package to offer a full integrated solution. DRILLMEC offering and portfolio includes standardized solutions as well as tailor made ones in accordance to specific needs and project requirements.

Skidding Systems

DRILLMEC Skidding Systems are designed and tailor made according to specific drilling rig configuration,  operational requirement and overall well slots to be covered.
DRILLMEC Skidding Systems portfolio include the conventional models:Gripper Jack type

  • Ratchet Jack
  • Lift & Roll

Combined with some unconventional skidding solutions for special applications : 

  • Walking Systems
  • Rotating Hydraulic Driven Pivoting Wheels

Main characteristics taken into consideration where designing a skidding systems are the following main ones: capping beams size, distance between the wells, directions to cover, capping beams maximum allowable pressure and overall skidding capacity.


Hydraulic power unit (HPU) is a critical part of a rig and all its operations. 
DRILLMEC with its experience in Hydraulic Rigs and Hydraulic Equipmnet is capable to offer a wide range of hydraulic power units suitable to meet any customer application, international standard and capable to feed from individual equipment to complete drilling packages.

Air Unit

DRILLMEC air units are designed and tailor made in accordance to package requirements and pneumatic consumers on board of the drilling package.

Hydraulic Cathead

DRILLMEC Jack type hydraulic cathead system is composed by: hydraulic cylinder with wire line  consisting of cylinder with backup post, anchor Adapter, and wireline assembly.

Top Drive and Travelling Block Retractable Dolly

DRILLMEC Dolly and block Retract Systems are designed both Top Drives and Travelling blocks in order to increase tripping speed and optimize drilling efficiency.

The Retractlable Dolly System is a custom designed parking system, specifically engineered to be integrated with derrick structures and drill floor arrangements on offshore rigs.

Drill Line Drums

DRILLMEC Drill Line Drums are designed in order to provide reliable and safe handlings during any offshore operation and environment. 

DRILLMEC Drill Line Drums cover a range from 1 ¼ ” up to 2 ½” drill line diameter,  covering highest international standards for Steel grade and Classification. 

Drill Line Drums can have hydraulic, pneumatic or electric motor actuation and can be equipped with Disc Brake in order to provide even higher safety to all rig floor operators.

Service & Access Baskets

DRILLMEC  Service&Access Basket or  Casing stabbing basket are hydraulically operated, designed to lift and position personnel in complete safety within the Derrick or Cellar deck.

Standpipe , Cement , Drill Floor, Mud , Choke&Kill Manifolds

DRILLMEC manifolds are designed and tailor made in accordance to customer requirements, fully certified in accordance with API and international standards including 3rd party certifications.

BOP Handling System & BOP / X-Mas Three Trolleys

DRILLMEC BOP handling systems are specifically designed to suit any customer requirements and to be fit within any rig taking into consideration space or weight limitations. 

BOP or X-Mas Three can be tailor made in order to allow for handling of different capacities and natures such as: Bridge Crane Types, Special Trolleys or Hydraulic Hoists.

Miscellaneous Drill floor accessories: Mud Bucket, Adjustable Mouse Hole, Mouse Hole Clamps, Rotating Mouse Holes and Tubular Guiding Arms


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