Drillmec’s Automatic Power Catwalks Provide Safety and Speed

Drillmec started its rig automation program back in the early 90’s by offering it in complete hydraulic rigs as well as single mechanization components like automatic pipe handlers or power catwalks.  
Drillmec provides a wide range of pipe handling systems designs, that can be customized for several drilling and workover rigs and for both onshore and offshore operations. After supplying several power catwalks for land drilling rigs, Drillmec has recently manufactured and delivered a total of eight light automatic power catwalks (APC-50) and one medium power catwalk (APC-100) in Oman and in Europe. 45 additional units, 20 for APC-50 and 25 APC-100, are currently in production to be delivered in 2020-2022 to the Far East Asia Market. 
A notable characteristic of the APC-50 is its light weight (under 5t) which makes it easy to lift and move even with a forklift, simple to operate, as it does not require complex moves, and safe to use, as it is equipped with interlock systems and safety features that prevent accidents in moving drill pipes, tubing and even casings.  
As for the medium catwalks, the APC-100 is designed for heavier hoists or shallow mobile land rigs with higher substructures. Even if the required load capacity does not vary much, the rig floor’s height affects the catwalk’s geometry, explaining the need for a different design.

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