AHEAD Rigs - the evolution of Hydraulic Rigs

Since 1996, about two hundred Drillmec HH rigs have been working all around the world in many environmental and weather conditions, always delivering high safety and drilling efficiency.

On the basis of the HH Series experience and field results, Drillmec has developed a new generation of fully automated drilling rig forward, named AHEAD (Advanced Hydraulic Electrical Automated Driller), designed to meet the highest HSE standards and drilling efficiency.

Combining the advantages of DRILLMEC Hydralic Rig Series with the capability of working with double (R3) or triple stand (R2) make this new evolution of design a complete revolution in the oil industry.

This rig, compared to a conventional land rig, has a footprint reduction up to 40%, a reduced visual impact and enginereed for a low noise level. 


Main Features

  • Telescopic Mast with double hydraulic piston in tandem for double range 3 or triple range 2 stand 
  • Fully automated Offline system
  • Electric Top Drive
  • Fast Moving


Offline System
  • Stands making directly on the mouse hole performed by a power tong aligned to the mouse hole
  • Modular vertical pipe rack with a total capacity up to 5.000 m of 5” ½ R3 DPs
  • Capability of handling casing joints too
  • Drill collars handling provided by an auxiliary crane

  • High structural stiffness and stability
  • Easy access to install and operate on BOP systems
  • All rig/up down operations take place on the ground level
  • Minimized crane operations at considerable height

Fast moving

All components assembled on standard semitrailer. The Telescopic Mast can be divided in two parts and assembled on two standard semitrailers.

Developed to have just 21 loads for rig moving

ProductInstalled PowerStatic Hook Load CapacityMax Pull DownMax Height from Ground LevelClear Height from Rt LevelRT Rated CapacityTop Drive Data Capacity
ProductTop Drive Data RPM MaxTop Drive Data Max TorqueDrilling Line Data LineDrilling Line Data Nominal DiameterDrilling Line Data Breaking StreghtVertical Pipe Rack Capacity DP 3'' 1/2Vertical Pipe Rack Capacity DP 5'''Vertical Pipe Rack Capacity DC
 Nft lbsninlbsftftft
AHEAD3752005200041'' 3/43768752050016400630


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