24/7 Remote Support

The service is performed by a specialized team of drillmec technicians. They will be composed by software engineers having overall knowledge of the rigs, programs, logics, sequences and special procedures.

They will be stand by and available on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Operative Support Live 24/7 From Remote is provided to identify immediately any problem which could arise and its solution. The technicians will be able to communicate by phone and email to the client representative.

They will be able to log into the rig programs PLC - HMI through internet and their own personal computer. They will be able to see all the parameters and the rig status in real time which existing hotline doesn’t. The technicians can login only upon positive confirmation and acceptance by the personnel in the jobsite. No action or intervention could be done from remote unless confirmed by Client authorized people. Drillmec will help Client to do the right action at the right moment. Client will pay a yearly fee for this service.

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