New orders for Drillmec totaling about 280 million USD

January 15, 2015

Drillmec has signed a contract for the supply of five 2000hp AC rigs and two 3000HP rigs with ENAFOR, an Algerian leading drilling services company and acting on behalf of SONATRACH, the national oil company and largest African operator.
The two rigs of 3000HP will be the first of such power acquired and operated by ENAFOR, specially designed and intended for deep drilling where high temperatures and pressures exist.
The other five rigs of 2000 HP will instead be allocated to the drilling of new oil wells in the expansion program of the National oil company.
The program of exploration and production recently announced by the Algerian Energy Minister Youcef Yousfidi, provides for the drilling of new oil and gas wells and the purchase of special oil drilling rigs designed for the region. DRILLMEC has previously supplied other rigs in Algeria and this additional order confirms the success of our products in the country. 

Drillmec has also signed an agreement for the supply of two rigs of 2000hp AC HSL (Hydraulic Swing Lift) with one of the largest drilling contractors operating in Saudi Arabia.
The Saudi company has operated for more than 50 years in the industry and has an important role in the expansion program of Saudi Aramco, the leading oil company in the country and world leader in proven reserves.
The two rigs, which will commence the drilling activities of new production wells as of Q3 2015, will be equipped with the latest innovations developed by Drillmec in the field of automation and control, as well as the latest technology for increased safety. The supply of these rigs further consolidates DRILLMEC’s presence in the country and confirms the state of the art technology achieved by these products.

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