Drillmec strenghten its presence in the offshore market worldwide

January 04, 2014

DRILLMEC is an international leader in design, manufacture and distribution of drilling and workover packages for offshore and onshore applications as well as a wide range of drilling equipment. DRILLMEC is part of the TREVI Group, a multinational organization with more than fifty years of activity in the drilling business. DRILLMEC is able to offer a complete range of products and engineering support to cover all different application and market needs.

During 2012 and 2013 Drillmec has been awarded a total amount of approximately $250 million contract to supply four offshore drilling and work over packages. The offshore market is developing at an incredibly fast pace, and Drillmec is strengthening its presence with confidence, ready to establish itself in this challenging and attractive market. Two of those packages are 3000 HP offshore modules rigs to Perforadora Mexico. The third one is a 2000 HP complete drilling package for the development of Filanovsky oilfield in the Russian Caspian Sea.

While the latest one is a new compact unit hydraulic driven for Intervention & Completion Unit for dual simultaneous operation with main drilling package for operations in the North Sea. For the North Sea Project in particular Drillmec scope of supply includes a tailor made HH220 FA multipurpose rig suitable to cover all drilling and work over activities in an offshore oilfield service. The rig will be designed to ensure high safety standards, reliability and efficient operation rates to ensure low maintenance costs and long operating life. This tailor made HH220 package will meet all Statoil and North Sea requirements which are the higher ones in the world in terms of quality and safety standards.

All these contracts are an extremely important step for Drillmec’s ambition to become one of the main players in the offshore market, since all rig packages have been designed and are being manufactured entirely by Drillmec. All clients have chosen DRILLMEC for its solid background in the offshore industry, the high level of technology of its products together with competitive prices, reliable delivery time and 24/7 after sales assistance.

The 2013 edition of the OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) in May was the perfect opportunity for Drillmec to show the newly designed package to potential customers and explain the innovative aspects and main advantages of the product. Those new platform rigs intend to respond to all different needs of different offshore markets.

More in general regarding the specific modular rigs market, the offshore industry around the world is looking for various ways to improve the installation of the offshore drilling packages. Given the recent increased emphasis on permits, certifications and safety, often extremely time consuming, especially in the Gulf of Mexico, after the Macondo incident, it is more crucial than ever that the offshore platform gets installed in the quickest and safest way possible.

On top of the elements just described, offshore rigs have to rely on traditional derrick barge cranes that are often times not readily available to lift these drilling units onto the platforms. With this in mind, Drillmec developed its Offshore Modules Platform Drilling Rigs, which do not need to be equipped with these derrick barge cranes, in order to win this challenge.

These rigs are designed and built in modules so that the modules can be installed by the drilling rigs’ operational cranes, with the help of one set of temporary cranes. The high number of light modules in Drillmec’s Offshore Modules Platform simplifies the installation process, giving also the advantage of an even weight distribution on the platform deck.

This is only the beginning of an offshore market that will diversify and expand, while giving a careful look to regulations, liability costs and time management.

For all the ongoing project Drillmec has found an innovative solution to simplify the installation process and cut the costs, after carefully studying the market’s feedback and requirements. Once again Drillmec has been able to come up with solid and unique designs to meet the needs of its customers.

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