DM SERIESHook LoadLinesSetback CapacityMast HeightMast BaseSubstructure Height
 lbs m tonftftft
ModelPull UpPull DownTop Drive ModelTop Drive TorqueTop Drive SpeedRotary Table
 lbslbs lbs*ftrpmin
HH10222000022000 - 44000HTD10210000 - 2380012027,5
HH15033070022000 - 44000HTD15010000 - 2380012027,5
ProductPull UpPull DownCapacityTop Drive StrokeTop Drive TorqueTop Drive SpeedRotary TablePower PackRig Floord HeightStand Pipe
 lbs lbs ftlbs * ftrpmin ftpsi
HH5512200028400Range 2401740015020,5Wide selection of diesel enginefrom 6 to 101500
HH7516500044000Range 2492380015020,5Caterpillar C15123000
HH10222000044000Range 352,52380015432,5Caterpillar C18165000
ProductStatic Hook LoadLinesCapacityMast Clear HeightDrawworks Drum (d x l)Input PowerMain BrakeAuxiliary BrakeDrill LinePower PackSubstructure HeightWorking Platform HeightRotary TableStandpipeMounted on/remarks
 lbs  ftinhp  in ftftinpsi 
MR35001320006Range 2 single62 from ground15 x 24250BandHydromatic7/8"Caterpillar C1315from 4,6 to 5,220,5 (optional)3000Semitrailer or Carrier
MR40002000006Range 2 double95 from drill floor19 x 28300Band or DiskHydromatic or Pneumatic Disk1"Caterpillar C1316from 5 to 8,220,53000Truck also for Standard Road
MR50002500008Range 2 double115 from ground18 x 38500Band or DiskHydromatic or Pneumatic Disk1,1/8"Caterpillar C15-from 5,8 to 16,5-5000Semitrailer or Carrier
MR60003000008Range 2 double98 from drill floor18 x 38500Band or DiskHydromatic or Pneumatic Disk1,1/8"Caterpillar C1517-27,55000Semitrailer or Carrier
MR800044000010Range 2 double115 from drill floor26 x 42,1/2"1000Band or DiskHydromatic or Pneumatic Disk1,1/8"2x Caterpillar C15 or Electric Motors20-27,55000Semitrailer or Carrier (carrier mast clear height: 101 ft)
MR900050000010Range 2 double115 from drill floor26 x 42,1/2"1000Band or DiskHydromatic or Pneumatic Disk1,1/8"2x Caterpillar C1520-27,55000Semitrailer or Carrier (for low temperature)
HMDR100055000010Range to tripe137 from rig floor30 x 55,1/4"1000 (2 Electric Motors)DiskElectromagnetic1,1/4"2x Electric Motors24-27,5 (independent drive)5000Semitrailer for desert
ProductInstalled PowerStatic Hook Load CapacityMax Pull DownMax Height from Ground LevelClear Height from Rt LevelRT Rated CapacityTop Drive Data Capacity
ProductMax Pull Up StaticMax Drilling TorqueMax Make Up TorqueMax Break Down TorqueWorking PressureDimensionsSpeedWorking LengthWeightID Full Opening
HYDRAULIC TOP DRIVE HTD SERIESlbslbs ftlbs ftlbs ftpsiinrpminlbsin
HTD 200 C400000265502876432170500049'' x 49''0 - 180174''110232'',3/8
HTD 250 C500000265502876432170500049'' x 49''0 - 180174''1121252'',3/8
HTD 350700000289413254848834500070'' x 70''0 - 180215''220463''
ProductPipe handledMax Break Up TorqueMax Break Out TorqueSpinning Speed
PCT-80from 2 7/8 to 8 1/26000080000100
PCT-130from 3 1/2 to 11110000132000100
ProductMax Continuous PowerMax Hoisting CapacityTransmissionWire ropeMotors assebly
 hp# max lines - hoising lbs inch#motors x hp each
GDS 1000100014 - 500 000Gear Driven1 1/41 x 1500
GDS 2000200014 - 1 300 000Gear Driven1 1/22 x 1609
GDS 3000300014 - 1 700 000Gear Driven1 1/42 x 1609
GDM 1500150012 - 750 0001X2-Speed Gear-Box1 3/82 x 1150
GDM 2000200012 - 1 300 0002X2-Speed Gear-Box1 1/22 x 1150
GDM 3000300016 - 1 700 0002X2-Speed Gear-Box1 3/42 x 1609
GDM 4500450016 - 2 000 0003X2-Speed Gear-Box23 x 1500
GDM 6000600016 - 2 300 0004X2-Speed Gear-Box24 x 1500
ProductLiner sizeStrokeMax PressureRatedTransmission
 in (min - max)inpsihp 
7T4504 1/2 - 5 1/273000450Belt and Chain
7TS6004 - 775000600Belt and Chain
9T10004 1/2 - 7950001150Belt and Chain
9T13004 1/2 - 7950001300Belt and Chain
12T16004 1/2 - 7 1/41275001600Belt and Chain
14T22005 - 91475001600Belt and Chain
12T1600GD4 1/2 - 7 1/21275001600Gear Driven
14T2400GD5 - 91475002400Gear Driven

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Drillmec’s Striker-800™ featured on World Oil’s Cover

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Trevi Group Journal December 2017

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OMC 2019

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